Green Market Solutions
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Green Market Solutions: Promoting Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programs
Green Market Strategies provides consulting services, marketing services, and program implementation leading to a more sustainable future for communities across the country.  Our solutions are action-oriented and contribute to the successful realization of goals and objectives of our community-focused and environmentally-conscious clients.

Promoting Environmentally Friendly and Socially Conscious Programs

Green Market Strategies (GMS) works with utilities, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and for-profit companies doing work in areas such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, public education, community development, and health and human services. GMS offers services focused on transforming energy markets, including: compact fluorescent lamp conversion services, energy audit and retrofit services and lead generation services.  Our results-oriented personnel deliver solutions, leading to value creation for our clients.

To assist clients in achieving significant community transformation, GMS provides the following services and programs:
We are flexible and work with our clients to tailor solutions to meet their goals, whether the solution is a stand-alone component or a comprehensive program. Our work product is always results-oriented, and our results are measurable, cost-effective, data-driven, and easily communicated to constituents.